Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Key To Writing A Compelling Artist Statement

First you must throw out all the facts and start fresh! Make sure you don't feel obligated to represent yourself accurately, and be bold with embellishments to your history or your character. Never let the fact that the things you say in your artist statement will be checked by someone, or that most people who read it won't believe you anyway. A good Artist Statement lets the art community, prospective clients, and the the rest of the world know just how spectacular you are, so by no means let them know the truth!

Here is an example I have written for myself:

The spark of natural artistic creativity was present in Jon from a very early age. At five years old, Jon spontaneously began creating meticulously realistic sculptures of the family's Border collie out of piles of laundry. By age twelve he could frequently be seen making impromptu landscape paintings using only a paper plate and a few condiments left over from lunch. (When possible, he would tint a portion of his mayonnaise with blue food coloring in order to obtain a full primary pallet…) Sadly, most of Jon's early work has not survived; being either washed away or licked clean by the dog.

In Jon's development as an artist, he turned away from less permanent forms of expression to favor more traditional media, such as charcoal and oil paint. This transition occurred during Jon's pilgrimage to Italy, where he learned the techniques of the Great Masters. Returning home to New England with a much-broadened view of his artistic possibilities, a great big bushy beard and an affinity for Pasta alla Puttanesca, Jon immediately set to work feverishly, and with alacrity, creating the nuanced and often volatile art he since has come to be known for. 

Following Jon's success as an artist he has become increasingly reclusive. Those close to him claim that he now frequently paints in the dark or blindfolded. When pressed, Jon maintains that he is attempting to generate spontaneous and uninfluenced creation, and often shouts, "Out of nothing came…(then speaking more to himself)…something…"

Those fortunate to catch a glimpse of Jon, recount witnessing the staggering genius of an average man, or at the very least, an average man staggering around hoping for a stroke of genius…

For now we can only anticipate the future for this life long artist!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Tragic how time flies! The new year is now in full swing, and I have, like many others, used this as an opportunity to realign my lifestyle and goals!!! What fun... what work! Mostly I have put my thought into how to live more healthily of mind and body. So, this means a more regimented schedule of exercise, diet and contemplation/meditation... I've even decided to cross my fingers despite my utter lack of superstition. With any luck these changes will lead to a more balanced and productive existence, whatever that means.
My thoughts have also been on my work and what direction it shall take in the new year... That seems to be a more difficult undertaking. It feels a bit like walking into a dark room and stretching my eyelids as wide as possible to make out the objects around me. I'm hoping that all the things I'm attempting to better in my life combined will help my eyes adjust to a different way of seeing!

The image above is a small commission that I completed in time for a holiday gift... It's an oil on linen. Hope you like it!