Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Circus

I remember watching a circus man standing in the sawdust circle, shifting his heavy weight from side to side, too concerned  to be truly delighted, yet he smiled and waved. Not too long after the cannon had been rolled out to join him, the crowd was silenced by a clap of thunder.

Today i am that memory. Although, now I am the sawdust on the floor, and the cannonball is the day racing to meet the giant who is standing on my face. In truth, I admire the tenacity of this gullivarian creature, though I much admit, if I where more than the faint dusting of a once arboreal life, or at the least of lilliputian stature, I would tie this giant down after he was toppled.

Corruption is both learned and innate, and everyone seeks trophies to prove that they have learned otherwise and that they have overcome what is... 

Tonight I hope to be the circus tent.


This is a close up of a larger painting, of which our finch friend here is but a supporting role... Check in for the rest of the story soon...