Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not To Mention...

In theory this was/may be an example of a comic strip for a local news paper... this was the sort of thing envisioned anyway. It's only a mock up, and only half of the project at that, but the concept was to do these wonkey cityscapes of local towns set to interesting non-sequitur style writing... in this case you are only seeing the first half of the image and the writing, so it doesn't quite make sense... if it ever will!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Destroy The Symbol

I’ve gathered you all here: symbolic.
A wish, suspicion, unknown, yet knowing,
The doors between us, paper-thin, absorb,
And find us finding and putting to sleep: a candle,
Gently blowing.

You grew me, enlightened,
Side beyond side, hand beyond hand.
You spoke to me, my voice, a ghost whisper,
But faintly faded and folded unfinished,
Awaiting my welcome: a new flame,
Well fanned.

We are the snake, the taste of tail,
The sense of de ja vu in search of departure.
You are here to feast with me, the future,
Digest the present, destroy the circle,
In this moment: life and light are simple,
Together, alive, destroy the symbol.

They follow: a cipher, a sound misplaced.
Believing, silent, estranged and strangers,
All cling to a solid: All cling to the base.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dinner with only one N

Here is a piece of a larger drawing I started but may never finish... It's meant to be a fun illustration, and the plan was to match it with some text, unfortunatly I just don't have the time to work on it. I haven't posted anything for a while, so I thought I would put something up!